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tGELF seeks to nurture 21st century leadership and entrepreneurship skills based on ethics, altruism, and a bias for action in young individuals through a unique curriculum developed in collaboration with the Graduate School of Education, Harvard University, and Teachers College, Columbia University, USA. This long term and sustained leadership curriculum called SKILLD (Skilling & Know How Initiative for Lifelong Leadership Development) is being deployed in rural and urban schools across India and is open for all students in the class. tGELF has partnered with 3,000 schools across 14 countries to deliver our leadership curriculum through a network of 70,000 teachers to more than 3 million students.
Each year tGELF conducts teacher training workshops across India and partner countries globally in nodal areas on our leadership and entrepreneurship curriculum called SKILLD. The teacher workshops held by trained professionals uses state of the art methodologies. It is an activity based, experiential and interactive that not only empowers the teachers to facilitate the tGELF leadership curriculum sessions, but also enhances their pedagogical styles so that they can make their subject lessons more engaging and the learning process more enjoyable for the student.

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LEAD Curriculum & SKILLD

tGELF’s teacher driven model, through an interactive, progressive and engaging curriculum, for students between 10-18 years of age to imbue 21st century leadership skills. It is a sustained leadership  and entrepreneurship program to imbue 21st century skills rooted in the four LEAD values, which are: Leadership Skills, Ethics, Altruism & Decisive Action.


Harmony: Co‐Creating Tomorrow is a pioneering annual, international, school level residential event held by The Global Education & Leadership Foundation. Harmony brings together middle & high school students from India and overseas for a mélange of competitions, workshops and lectures, with the objective of searching for social, action-oriented leadership talent. 


Education Prize

An annual event to recognise and reward the teachers who have played critical roles and brought creative and innovative thinking to the classrooms. The Education Prize endeavours to identify teachers who have changed the ethos in their classrooms and have engaged their students in innovative strategies to enhance the quality of their teaching.

Workshops & Training

tGELF has partnered with major Indian corporations, foundations, philanthropies, and government agencies to help motivate Indian youth to understand the importance of education and acquire critical life skills through hands-on, experiential learning workshops and training sessions. Through these workshops, tGELF aims to educate students in the areas of work readiness, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship.

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