The world is in desperate need of Great LEADership in all fields! Join our movement and help us to search for, identify, nominate, train and support great potential leaders as defined by our LEAD criteria.

How do we define a Great LEADer?


Put on this lens when you judge your leaders – we want to learn about the future Great LEADers that you know!

We need your help now!

Please take a few minutes and think about those that you know in your schools, colleges, families, companies, associations and so on.

Can you think of someone who embodies these LEAD values?

Nominate them today!




tGELF and our partners are committed to supporting the development of great leadership potential and helping nurture a community of great leadership talent in various fields of life including Business and Entrepreneurship, Politics and Public Service, Media and Technology, Arts, Social Service, Spirituality and Academics


Our Educators platform supports great teachers to nurture and empower our future generation of leaders.  
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Leaders At School

Our Leaders At School platform spans aspiring leaders currently in kindergarten to
grade 12.     
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Leaders At University

Our Leaders At University platform includes 254 young leaders across the world’s leading universities.  
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Post-College Leaders

Our Post-College Leaders platform comprises of a prestigious 24-month Leadership Development Program.  
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