tGELF is committed to searching for great potential leadership talent and in order to do that has developed a Leadership and Partnership ecosystem with a broad range of partners.


    Using our own partner ecosystem and extended global networks to help identify and curate great young leadership potential, and to find mentors and those in positions of leadership to help guide these young developing leaders


    Our Young Leaders platform spans children from kindergarten all the way to grade 12.  Through our teachers, millions of aspiring and young leaders have been taught our leadership curriculum to foster ethical and altruistic, values based leadership. The platform also includes leadership clubs at schools, competitions and conference summits. We also offer a summer program for exceptionally talented young students in high school.


    After graduating from school and entering college, those students identified as having great potential for leadership are invited to join our Leaders Forum. We currently have 254 young leaders at universities around the world, including many of the world’s leading universities. The Forum members convene regularly at our annual Leadership Initiative for Excellence Conferences in the US and in India, and are provided with growth opportunities to further develop their abilities to LEAD. The platform also provides mentoring, internships and a network of likeminded young leaders, who can participate in the Global Citizen Festivals in New York and India.


    The unique 24 month Leadership Development Program (LDP) is a prestigious post-university training program with tGELF. The carefully selected LDP members are given an array of different projects and initiatives to spearhead with real responsibility and accountability, providing them with significant opportunities to hone abilities to LEAD. The LDP members come from around the world and work together to develop and deepen their leadership capacity in six main areas: Business & Entrepreneurship, Politics and Public Service, Arts, Media and Technology, Global Security, Social Service, and Global Wisdom & Spiritual Traditions.


    To nurture great leadership we need great teachers to empower and develop these leaders. With the help of Harvard Graduate School of Education and Columbia Teachers College, tGELF has developed a comprehensive training program for teachers to develop their abilities to nurture leadership. Our teacher-training program is built upon a cascading principle where master teachers devolve our methodologies to local communities of teachers. As part of our efforts in recognising and training great teachers, we also have our annual Education Prize that rewards innovation in teaching.