As part of our Leaders Forum, the growing leaders will have great exposure to world-class talent during our conferences and work opportunities. These opportunities will build the foundation for potential life-long mentorship relationships and guidance.

Through our network, aspiring leaders have been connected with great leaders across an array of different fields of expertise, including movie directors, corporate directors, policy makers and educators.

tGELF has also provided several of the leaders forum members with academic mentorship, recommendations and guidance.

Post-College Leaders

The unique 24 month Leadership Development Programme (LDP) is a prestigious post-university training program with tGELF. The carefully selected LDP members are given an array of different projects and initiatives to spearhead with real responsibility and accountability, providing them with significant opportunities to hone abilities to LEAD. The LDP members come from around the world and work together to develop and deepen their leadership capacity in six main areas: Business & Entrepreneurship, Politics and Public Service, Arts, Media and Technology, Global Security, Social Service, and Global Wisdom & Spiritual Traditions.