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Meet our new interns!

We are extremely honored to have passionate youth on board with us. They help us achieve our larger goals, and in that process, motivate us to evolve and grow. Learn more about an important addition to the tGELF Family- our interns!

  Sukriti Jain

Sukriti Jain is a graduate from Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, Delhi University with majors in finance. She has previously worked with KPMG India, PHD Chambers and Google India, in the capacity of an intern. She is keen on studying development and welfare economics and, and has also worked on ‘World Bank’s Long Term Growth Model’. She is compassionate about the cause of ‘giving to the society’ and is actively involved in social work at various levels. She has an indulgence towards artificial intelligence and social innovation too. She is an avid reader, loves music and plays guitar, and writes poems too. Chocolates are her weakness.

  Joshua Mathew

Joshua Mathew is a rising junior at Yale University, where he studies Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology. He was born and raised in North Carolina. His interests include science and public health and he works with the Global Citizen policy team at tGELF. He has a deep passion for the arts and enjoys playing the violin and dancing Bhangra with his university team.

 Ziva Juneja

Ziva Juneja is currently an undergraduate honors student at New York University, pursuing a double major in International Relations and Journalism. As an intern at NDTV 24/7 she became well-versed with the many contours of India on the world stage and disseminated news through various digital platforms. At university, she engages in coursework about the multifaceted socio-political and economic issues that face developing countries and the complex political climate in the US, EU and Asia. She loves to travel and also spent 6 months studying in Madrid while brushing up her Spanish. For Ziva, public policy has been at the center of her education, work experience and extracurricular interests. And, when she’s not got her head in her books, you can find her trying to stay away from French fries or taking snapchats of her four dogs.

  Marina Bogdanova

Marina Bogdanova was born in Saint Petersburg but went to school in Germany. She is studying international relations at Moscow State University for International Relations. She is passionate about contributing to the intercultural dialogue because in my mind communication is the basis for any progress. In her free time, she participates in the drama club at her university and does science research.


Hemal is currently studying at the United World College of South East Asia (UWCSEA) East Campus. He just finished the 8th grade and is moving onto the IGCSE course in high school. Every day, he invests his time into a variety of passions and interests that pull him in a variety of directions for the future. Currently, he actively participates in Model United Nations conferences, self-studies physics on online courses and is interested in entrepreneurship, to name a few of his pursuits! His first interaction with tGELF occurred when he signed up for the LIFE Challenge, where he formed a group of 6 with his peers at school and designed a clean energy enterprise called Aestus, which worked towards helping buildings become more energy efficient. Through this experience, he found tGELF and was instantly hooked by its meaningful mission. He believes that his work as a tGELF intern will help him implement measures in Singapore, where he lives, to be a changemaker and exemplify youth activism and leadership.

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