Imagine a world with a thousand great leaders

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About the Leadership Development Programme

As a member of the Leadership Development Programme, you will be part of a two-year programme design to foster, develop and hone leadership skills in promising young leaders. 

You will gain experience in the six following sectors: Business & Entrepreneurship; Politics & Public Service;  Media, Technology & Arts; Social Service; Global Security and Global Wisdom Traditions & Spirituality.

During your two years in the programme, you will be primarily based in New Delhi, India. However, the programme also includes domestic and international travel. All of our members receive a monthly stipend. 

You will be exposed to a wide variety of projects, academic modules, and wisdom traditions. We believe this holistic experience is necessary to achieve the goals of the Leadership Development Programme. 

Who are we looking for?

If you are an individual who exhibits exceptional leadership potential and a commitment to service and global citizenship, then this programme is for you! In order to apply you need to have completed your undergraduate or graduate degree and be under the age of 30.

You will be chosen after a rigorous selection process to comprise a group that will work together as a team to take on significant projects. If you have any questions regarding the programme, please contact




Our goals as a programme

During your two years as an LDP member, we aim to prepare you as a leader within six different branches. In those two years, with teamwork, we aspire to reach these goals:

  • Nurture the potential for great leadership in those who are committed to improving the state of the world through collective action.
  • Foster a global mindset and the ability to perform well in a challenging, multifaceted entrepreneurial environment.
  • Develop self-awareness rooted in ethics and altruism while working with a broad range of challenges and issues.
  • Encourage individuals to take responsibility and manage complex issues at an early age.
  • Create teams to work together and practically address real-world problems.
  • Provide opportunities to scope, develop, and lead global projects that have the potential for large-scale impact.
  • Build and support a network of ethical, altruistic leaders and connect them with larger networks of global leaders.
  • Support each individual in following their passion and facilitating the development of their true leadership potential.
  • Provide individuals with clarity, guidance, and recommendations with regard to further studies or career choices.

How will the programme help YOU?

During these two years, you will be provided with an unparalleled opportunity to develop on-the-ground leadership skills. The programme will help you:

  • Build the necessary skills to lead significant projects that have real-world impact. In doing so, you will gain exposure to multiple disciplines and deal with a broad range of stakeholders.
  • Participate in a rigorous ‘leadership boot-camp’ that will encourage you to move out of your comfort zone.
  • Develop your inner-self through meetings, interactions, and workshops with leaders from the world’s global wisdom traditions.
  • Connect with global leaders from a variety of fields to work together to create impact at scale.
  • Deepen your knowledge through curated academic content delivered by leading professors and experts on a broad range of issues.
  • Travel within India and abroad, to understand problems and issues where they exist, and to work on possible solutions.

Learn about some of our projects


A residential 10-day silent meditation retreat, Vipassana is an integral part of one’s leadership journey at tGELF. It is a way of self-transformation through self-observation. It focuses on the deep interconnection between mind and body. It is this observation-based, self-exploratory journey to the common root of mind and body that dissolves mental impurity, resulting in a balanced mind full of love and compassion. The cornerstone of the spirituality branch of LDP, Vipassana is believed to harmonise one’s interaction with all other branches of concentration at tGELF.

Global Citizen India

Global Citizen India is a digital social movement dedicated to ending extreme poverty by 2030. We do this by encouraging people to learn and take action on our platform; those actions apply pressure on world leaders to make commitments on Global Citizen India stage around the issues associated with extreme poverty: gender equality, food security, education, the environment, global health, citizenship, and sanitation. Global Citizen Festival 2016 was the largest music festival hosted in India and raised 6.38 billion USD  towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals!

Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017

The Global Entrepreneurship Summit is the preeminent annual entrepreneurship gathering that convenes emerging entrepreneurs, investors and supporters from around the world. GES 2017 was hosted in India with joint efforts of State Government, USA and NITI Aayog, India. The summit created an environment that empowered innovators, particularly women, to take their ideas to the next level.  Our team played a vital role in the following areas of the project: Logistics, Content & Speaker Curation, Website, Conference App, Conference Summary Report, and Road to GES events.

Shuruaat Bus

As part of the pre-road-events for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, tGELF created the Shuruaat Bus.  The Shuruaat Bus was on a journey all across India to empower citizens to become entrepreneurial job creators, to celebrate the country’s young innovators, and to support promising ideas that address India’s pressing social and economic issues. However, we wanted to continue this project beyond GES 2017, this is why this has become one of our long-term projects! Soon, we will have updates on our new journey.

LIFE Challenge

The LIFE Challenge is a gamified idea incubator for social change makers. It is one of our initiatives and through the challenge, we aim to ideate solutions to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and support young leaders with structure, resources and incentives to be the agents of positive change. We have already run the LIFE Challenge in Singapore and in different cities across India.

Meet our fellows

As a member of the Leadership Development Programme, you will work alongside a diverse group young leaders who are committed to creating a positive impact in the world. Our members come from different countries, universities, religions and job experiences.

Each one of our members is committed to creating positive change in the world and advocate for valued- based leadership.

Are you ready to be one of them?

Alf Lim
Arendal, Norway
New York University, Abu Dhabi

Amisha Shahra
Mumbai, India
University of Pennsylvania

Arnav Sahni
New Delhi, India
Shri Ram College of Commerce, India

Aayush Baid
Jaipur, India
St. Stephen’s College, India

Devika Shekhawat
Jaipur, India
Symbiosis Centre of Management Studies, India

Emma Hall
Wyoming, USA
Brown University, USA

Jeh Tirodkar
Mumbai, India
Georgetown University, USA

Sophie Barbier
Paris, France; Perth, Australia
London School of Economic and Political Science, UK

Asmita Joshi
Uttar Pradesh, India
Banaras Hindu University, India; Ashoka University, India

Karla Ruiz
Piura, Peru
Saint Olaf College, USA

Prachi Nagrath
Sydney, Australia
University of Sydney, Australia

Louis Leonidas
Georgia, USA
Harvard University, USA

Shivish Soni
New Delhi, India
Hindu College, Delhi University, India

Vinay Kumar
New Delhi, India
Shri Ram College of Commerce, University of New Delhi, India

Sujith Yankanaik
Michigan, USA
University of Michigan, USA