Leaders Forum constitutes more than 250 young leaders studying at leading universities around the world whom we believe have the potential to be change-makers of the future. After graduating from school and entering college, these students are hand- picked through a rigorous selection process to join the Forum based on their academic and co-curricular prowess, leadership skills, strong sense of ethics, a spirit of altruism and the ability to act decisively using these qualities and strengths.

The Global Education & Leadership Foundation (tGELF) nurtures, mentors and guides these young leaders to evolve into future agents of change. It also provides them with relevant opportunities and sensitizes them to prevailing global issues, so that their future choices are based on a commitment to universal values that are essential in a culturally diverse and interdependent world.

The Forum members convene regularly at our annual Leadership Initiative for Excellence Conferences in India, Singapore and the US for growth opportunities to further develop their abilities to LEAD. The platform also provides mentoring, internships and a network of likeminded young leaders who can participate in the Global Citizen Festivals in New York and India.

Application for Membership to Leaders Forum

Deadline for 2018 intake: September 5, 2018