About Leaders Forum

The Leaders Forum is a tight-knit network of 250+ young leaders attending or emerging from leading universities around the world. It is a community that convenes regularly at events and virtually, where members find mentorship, connections, support, and meaningful projects and opportunities. Leaders Forum (LF) members come from around India and the world; they represent a wide variety of interests, specializations, and backgrounds; and as they graduate from college, they expand the footprint of the community in society through their professional lives.

The Global Education & Leadership Foundation (tGELF) nurtures, mentors and guides these young leaders to evolve into future agents of change. It also provides them with relevant opportunities and sensitizes them to prevailing global issues, so that their future choices are based on a commitment to universal values that are essential in a culturally diverse and interdependent world.

The Forum members convene regularly at our annual Leadership Initiative for Excellence Conferences in India, Singapore and the US for growth opportunities to further develop their abilities to LEAD. The platform also provides mentoring, internships and a network of like-minded young leaders who can participate in the Global Citizen Festivals in New York and India.

tGELF Mission

To identify, select, support, monitor, mentor, evaluate, connect and empower ethical and altruistic leaders through partnerships with local and global communities and organizations who are committed to improving the state of our inner and outer worlds.

tGELF Vision 

To build a community of ethical, altruistic leaders on the planet who work together to improve the state of the world.

Application for Membership to Leaders Forum

Leaders Forum Guidelines 2019

Leaders Forum Application 2019 (word version)

Leaders Forum Application 2019 (pdf version) 

LF Recommendation Form

Deadline for applications:

Applicants from International Universities: April 25th, 2019

Domestic Applicants: June 20th, 2019

Benefits of Membership

Members of the Leaders Forum benefit from a range of services from and efforts on the part of the Forum, as well as tGELF, as an organisation. These permit the fulfillment of the Forum’s mandate. They include:


Several formal mentorship structures are offered to LFs. These include professional seniors, personal and/or spiritual growth advisors as well as peers, using assigned buddy systems between younger & older Leaders Forum members by geography/industry/field of interest.

There are also Informal mentorship channels. Such as, with professional seniors where LF’s will have access to speakers and friends of tGELF in attendance of conferences and gatherings, and upon request for support. As well as with tGELF senior leadership including access to Shiv Khemka, Urvashi Khemka, Gowri Ishwaran, and tGELF staff for guidance and support. Lastly, with peers by way of mutual support upon meeting and contact with other Leaders Forum members.

LFs also have access to mentorship training upon becoming mentors for younger peers.


LFs’ networks benefit from regular ‘meet up sessions’, with are organised meet ups between Leaders Forum members and friends of tGELF around the world. These gatherings are interest-based and/or field-based as well as general meet ups with profiles of participants and suggested conversation topics.

They also profit from ad hoc invitations to partner conferences as opportunities arise, where tGELF identifies potential convergence of interest and geography.

The membership offers a structured system of invitations to conferences on a regular basis, based on areas of interest and geography. There is an annual access to a minimum of one conference and access information on a number of public events.

Service Trips for small groups are made available for more personal bonding and first-hand experience of problems at the grassroot level.

Professional experience:

Professional experience can be attained through internships with tGELF over summer and throughout the year, for growth through projects with high levels of responsibility.

In addition, LFs gain access to internship opportunities with partners in a variety of fields, around the world. There are regular, systematised and structured partner internship opportunities by contractual agreement between tGELF/Forum and the partner.

LFs will have opportunities for involvement in meaningful budding projects undertaken by tGELF. The project list to be developed and accessible on the Leaders Forum Digital Platform (see ‘Digital Platform’). As well as opportunities for involvement in meaningful, Leaders Forum-specific projects that are presented to the Forum by tGELF.

    Perks of tGELF community membership:

Perks include membership of a dynamic, diverse and inspiring community! Moreover, invitations to LIFE Delhi, LIFE USA and Mid-LIFE. Along with first priority at tGELF events, such as tickets to Global Citizen Festival and Global Citizen Festival India.

LEAD Influencer

At the end of each year, tGELF chooses several Leaders Forum members and invites them to be LEAD Influencers. LEAD Influencer is a badge of honour for the members who excelled in their roles as LFs.

     • A LEAD Influencer will have unique opportunities such as direct mentorship from our Chairman – Mr Shiv Vikram Khemka – and several other LEADers in different fields.

     • LEAD Influencers will also get the chance to represent tGELF at various local and international conferences.


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