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Countdown to LIFE 2017

In an update on the latest at tGELF, we are absolutely thrilled to announce that our annual LIFE conference will be held between the 9th and the 12th of August.

The Leadership Initiative For Excellence (LIFE) is a global convening platform that brings together a carefully selected group of young leaders from around the world. LIFE seeks to promote collaboration, collective ideation and the construction of a community capable of and willing to enact positive change. At LIFE conferences, our Leaders Forum members are connected with global change-makers, educators, entrepreneurs, and policymakers. The conversations and interactions we curate between established and aspiring change-makers are designed to inspire our members to disrupt, innovate, and effect impact at scale.

In the past, LIFE conferences have been witness to inspiring examples of youth collaboration driving social change. Our community has designed a variety of campaigns and fundraising events on issues of menstrual hygiene, sanitation, gender parity and education that have reached millions of Global Citizens. LIFE has earned the reputation of a unique environment that fosters service-oriented, ethical, altruistic leaders, and later supports them as they sustain their collaborative efforts and lead social projects around the world.

The theme for LIFE 2017 is ‘Innovate to LEAD.’ As a community, we have often found that some of the most complex global challenges are deeply rooted in the status quo, and the most effective solutions for them are often the most unorthodox.

To encourage our community to pursue ideas that may sound absurd at first glance, but have the power to truly change the world, the theme for LIFE 2017 is related to social entrepreneurship and its potential for creating positive impact on scale. In the run up to major entrepreneurship summits in India, The Global Education and Leadership Foundation (tGELF), with the support of Atal Innovation Mission (NITI Aayog) and the United Nations, is organizing LIFE.

Some of the events at LIFE 2017 will be:

LIFETalks: Innovators and Entrepreneurs from the six branches of tGELF LEADership (Business & Entrepreneurship; Politics & Public Policy; Media, Technology, & the Arts; Global Security; Social Service; and Spirituality & World Wisdom Traditions) will inspire our community to re-imagine the avenues of change they can impact.

InDialogue: Carefully curated round-table discussions on specified complex topics that will engage members of the community in a challenging and meaningful way.

The Challenge: A team-based challenge that will require our community to re-imagine creative, productive solutions, capable of addressing issues most relevant to India today.

Global Citizen India Monitoring Moment: In looking back at the work the tGELF community has done over the last year, we plan to share the work done and the achievements of our Global Citizen India commitment-makers. We will hold our commitment makers and partners accountable for the change they promised, and celebrate the successes of the change they’ve enacted. Hundreds of thousands of Global Citizens have voiced their commitment to eradicating extreme poverty; the Monitoring Moment will check in on our progress.

Action Expo: The Action Expo is an exhibition of organisations and products that have, through their innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, solved some of the most complex issues to plague India and the world. The exhibiting organisations will interact with our community to communicate the challenges of entrepreneurship and problem solving for good.

At LIFE 2017 we hope to create a culture of meaningful disruption, innovation, and entrepreneurship so that young minds can find simple solutions to complex challenges. We believe that the LIFE conference, in bringing together established and aspiring social entrepreneurs can truly accelerate the pace of inclusive and sustainable economic growth in India and also provide a model that can be replicated globally.

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